WoWA’s creativity comes from the comprehensive, high profile, large scale project experiences and understanding of the latest building technology and cultural sensibility. WoWA has practiced in many different parts of the world and enjoy learning the local culture to make our buildings adaptable. Our staff from all over the world provides us rich background and different aspects to observe the world. High energy level and talented staff devote themselves for innovative design solutions. WoWA is always encouraged to take on new challenges and test the limits to make the design unique. Research for projects, such as site, program, client’s expectation, building technology, material, space quality, budget, sustainability etc all help the design team to generate creative design.

       Collaborating with professional consultants also help in providing innovative and practical design solutions for client. WoWA has worked with many pioneering professional consultants for projects’ success. Leading consultants to seek creative design is WoWA’s strength.

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