Current Project Introductions
Wulumuqi Supertall

Wulumuqi high tech park is established in August 1992, as the first high tech park in Xinjiang. Being the hub of new silk road, Wulumuqi plays important role to connect China, mid Asia and Russia. High tech park will become the kick off demonstration to lead the economic and culture development of the region.

   300m tall tower is designed at the intersection of outer ring and Beijing south road, right next to the torch tower, facing the Liyu park on the east side. The surrounding buildings are mainly less than 100m high residential and offices so the 300m tower becomes the tallest landmark in high tech park. The design is based on concentric circle, as the metaphor of collaboration among different cultures and countries. Tower shape is designed referring to local clothing character, and glass curtain wall is used to accentuate the modern appearance. The total GFA is around 180,000 sqm above grade with class A office and five star hotel program.

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