Wuhan Hanzheng Urban Mixed-Use Complex

Hanzheng Mixed Use project is one of the kick off project for the old city center renewal development. The district has been the retail center of Han Kou for hundred of years, and a lot of historical buildings are located in this area. To redevelop, some of the old facilities will be replaced by higher density’s mixed use and high rise building to regain the glory and energy of Han Kou CBD in the modern era.

It’s important to satisfy the current commercial need, bring the vision and modern symbol as the driving engine in this renewal district. To create a 24 hours active place, there will be office, service apartment, retail program and sky garden in the 450,000 GFA above grade. The tallest tower is 250m, and four towers will have different height to enrich the overall skyline. Podium will be broken down to a pedestrian friendly scale with rich local materials for a pleasant store front experience.