Current Project Introductions
Xian 520m Supertall

The project is located in Xian which is rich in history and culture and this site is in the new CBD at the city south.

This project will bring up the city height limit to 528m, and need to be the city’s new icon and business card. “Qin”, the ancient Chinese instrument is our design concept which accentuate the cultural depth and influence that the city could bring to new Silkroad and one belt one road.

The GFA of the project is around 580,000 sqm, within 2 parcels separated by a diagonal open space. The supertall is located on parcel one, and service apartment towers are located on parcel two. All buildings are designed with round corners to be more harmonious and humble in appearance while being symmetrical in the center.

528m tower contains class A office, one five stars hotel, service apartments, observation deck on the top, and a retail podium.

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