Nanjing New City Plaza Phase One Retail Public Area Interior Renovation

Nanjing New City Plaza is located in the mature Longjiang District of Nanjing City. It is one of Nanjing's earliest urban mixed use complexes and a well-known city-level shopping mall. The project is adjacent to subway Line 4 on the north side, and in the future, it will be connecting to Line 9 subway station on the west side. The project has a thriving commercial atmosphere, and its consumer profile mainly consists of knowledgeable households with a good level of purchasing power. They have a strong preference for spatial quality and versatile business formats. The Phase One retail area has approximately 110,000 square meters, with a compact public area of around 20,000 square meters. Due to its long operating time, the layout and interior design need comprehensive optimization to meet the latest requirements of attracting tenants and satisfying user needs.

After designing the Phase Two new buildings, WOWA continued to conduct interior renovation design for the Phase One retail’s public area. The first step of the planning and design process was to optimize the commercial circulation and increase the store leasing area. The second step focused on the interior renovation design and interior lighting level enhancement of the main public spaces, aiming to achieve a seamless connection with the Phase Two retail area. Finally, the project was divided into implementation phases, and each phase's design effect was carefully controlled. Renovating commercial spaces is often more challenging than designing brand new shopping malls due to the limitations of existing spatial dimensions and the difficulty of modifying some mechanical and electrical equipment. However, through clever and meticulous design and management, it is still possible to improve the quality of the aged indoor space. After the implementation of WOWA’s interior design, the Phase One Retail public area of Nanjing New City Plaza not only increased its store leasing area but also enhanced the comfort and interior lighting levels for the retail public space. It successfully attracted high-quality tenants and increased customer loyalty.