BOE Qingdao Research and Development Center

This project is located in the Huangdao District of Qingdao City, on the south side of Binhai Avenue, adjacent to a north-south greenbelt park on the west side. It is the architectural design for the first phase of the WOWA China High Tech City’s General Plan. The total above-grade construction area is 200,000 square meters, with a height restriction of 80 meters. The functional program includes research and development offices, a lecture hall, and supporting amenities. Eight research buildings form a circular courtyard, with the roof gradually sloping from north to south, creating a dynamic overall architectural volume. There are urban visual and pedestrian access corridors in the north-south and east-west directions. In the central circular courtyard, there is a square glass block that serves as a lecture hall.

The overall design of the eight curved buildings and the circular courtyard is elegant and simple, creating a landmark building with centripetal force in the area. The urban interface is clear and memorable, and the enclosed courtyard space provides a strong sense of place, offering a quiet outdoor space suitable for office and research activities. The building facade adopts a folded curtain wall, with equally sized curtain wall panels to save costs and increase construction efficiency. The ground floor uses high-transparency glass to showcase a sense of technology and welcome visitors and users’ urban interaction. The two tallest buildings are connected by a 3-story high atrium as the main entrance, providing a grand welcoming space for the entire research and development center.