Sichuan Mianyang Supertall Urban Mixed-Use Complex

This project is located in Mianyang, the second-largest city in Sichuan Province. The site is situated in the northwest of the city's Mianyang High-tech Zone, which is the core area of the zone. The project consists of five plots of land. The southern side is adjacent to a riverfront urban park, the western side faces an urban green belt, and the northern side is bordered by a major east-west road in the high-tech zone. A subway station is planned on the northern side of the site, making it a new city Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) project. The total above-grade GFA is 491,000 square meters, primarily used for offices, retail mall, street retail, observation deck, and international brands and star hotels. As  starting blocks in the high-tech zone, this project bears the mission of creating and shaping a good urban public space, contributing to the regional high-tech image.

The tallest building reaches a height of 360 meters, with an observation deck and a Mianyang Science and Culture Exhibition Hall as public facilities on the top of the tower. The main tower at 360 meters and the secondary tower at 223 meters primarily function as Class A office buildings. The architectural design features a nearly square octagonal shape with a slim and elegant profile that gradually tapers from the base to the top of the tower. While the two towers have similar façade designs, they are not identical, emphasizing vertical architectural expression. At the pedestrian scale, creating a commercial and urban plaza atmosphere and connecting the circulations between different plots are key design considerations. Each plot has its distinct commercial characteristics, providing consumers with different shopping and urban experiences.