Current Project Introductions
Wuhan Zhongbei Mixed Use Competition

Zhongbei project is located in Wuchang, between Sha lake and East late, the two well known lakes in Wuhan. The site has great view resource looking down the beautiful lakes and remains convenience being adjacent to major roads connecting to the CBD. This project is a competition among Atkins, Benoy, Chapman Taylor, PLP and WOWA, and WOWA successfully complete the first round to enter the final round for the top three.

   There are 450,000 sqm above grade for class A office, five star hotel, high end retail, luxury residential and elementary school. The tallest tower is 400m in height, and will become landmark for this region while Wuhan Greenland Tower is 1.5 km west of this site. Basement retail will connect the office to the subway station to attract people in. The podium roof will be designed for roof garden as the amenities for hotel, retail and the office. We also designed an open courtyard in the retail podium to bring in more natural light, and landscape to enhance shoppers’ experience.

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