Chengdu Fortune Island

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuang, where it has rich culture and natural resources. Chengdu is also the origin of the Shu culture. As the finance, trading and science center of China’s south west region, the old city boundary can’t catch up with the development pace so the new city CBD is planned to accommodate the growth further south along the Tianfu Avenue, the axis connecting the old and new city centers.

   Fortune island is located in the river cut through the new CBD which enjoys great view, adjacency, and convenience. The goal is to design the island with international standard for business and residences. The living quarter is located in the south part of the island and the business quarter is located at the north. Two tallest tower, 300m in height, are located at the north point forming a gateway and landmark for the island. There is 420,000 sqm GFA for the commercial program such as class A office, service apartment and retail.