Current Project Introductions
Nanjing New City Plaza Phase II

New City Plaza is located at the Long Jiang business district and is the tallest landmark around this area. The site is right next to the Jiangdong North Road, with subway line 4 at north, and planned line 9 at the west. Because the surrounding buildings are only around 100m in height, our 200m tower has great view resources especially on the east and west directions to the river and moun-tain.

   To have a 24 hours active project, there will be five star hotel, class A office, high end retail and private museum for the program, and the GFA is around 100,000 sqm above grade. The podium roof is designed as urban oasis, to provide open and green space for the hotel, office and private museum. An outdoor retail street at ground level will be designed to connect phase I and phase II retail. Several interior atriums will be planned to provide outdoor atmosphere for the retail interior to create unique high end shopping experience.

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