Current Project Introductions
Hengqin Chinese Media Center

Hengqin Chinese Media Center is only separated from Macau by a narrow river, and the Shizimen CBD will be the new city center. Zhu Hai city is the important point connecting mainland to Macau and this project will be the news releasing and intellectual property exchange center for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

   The towers will be mainly used for office and intellectual property trading, and the podium will host the exhibition and education function for the center. Central plaza will be used for future outdoor activities, art show and exhibition. The three towers are centered and connected by a ring which represent that three zones will work harmoniously together with the same goal. The podium is designed as ocean waves responding to natural resources of ocean and mountain surrounding the site. The tallest tower is 250m in height, and the overall GFA is 280,000 sqm.

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